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from bytestring_splitter import BytestringSplitter
from umbral.signing import Signature, Signer

from nucypher.crypto.api import keccak_digest

signature_splitter = BytestringSplitter(Signature)

[docs]class SignatureStamp(object): """ Can be called to sign something or used to express the signing public key as bytes. """ def __init__(self, verifying_key, signer: Signer = None) -> None: self.__signer = signer self._as_bytes = bytes(verifying_key) self._as_umbral_pubkey = verifying_key def __bytes__(self): return self._as_bytes def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.__signer(*args, **kwargs) def __hash__(self): return int.from_bytes(self, byteorder="big") def __eq__(self, other): return other == bytes(self) def __add__(self, other): return bytes(self) + other def __radd__(self, other): return other + bytes(self) def __len__(self): return len(bytes(self)) def __bool__(self): return True def as_umbral_pubkey(self): return self._as_umbral_pubkey
[docs] def fingerprint(self): """ Hashes the key using keccak-256 and returns the hexdigest in bytes. :return: Hexdigest fingerprint of key (keccak-256) in bytes """ return keccak_digest(bytes(self)).hex().encode()
[docs]class StrangerStamp(SignatureStamp): """ SignatureStamp of a stranger (ie, can only be used to glean public key, not to sign) """ def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): from nucypher.crypto.powers import NoSigningPower message = "This isn't your SignatureStamp; it belongs to (a Stranger). You can't sign with it." raise NoSigningPower(message)
[docs]class InvalidSignature(Exception): """Raised when a Signature is not valid."""